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Car DVD Player Built-in GPS

Earlier, browsing the Internet for references and prices Car DVD Players. My brothers asking price and the latest feature from Car DVD Player is to replace the audio device on his car which had been damaged. Since I don’t know, finally sought help from Uncle Google.  I am old enough to look around. From an online store (shopwiki.com) to other online stores. after selecting a few Car DVD Player, there is a Car DVD player with advanced features, namely” 7 “Touch Screen In-Dash Car DVD Player w / Built-in GPS”. What are the general features of this device ?, This in-dash multi-function dvd player and GPS is loaded with features,but light on the wallet.

  1. Built-in GPS Function (with 2GB SD card and free map), Bluetooth functionSupport
  2. 7″ Touch Screen TFT LCD Display
  4. USB Port, Aux-IN, iPod supported
  5. AM/FM Stereo Reciever
  6. Detachable PanelDolby Digital DTS and Dolby Pro Surround
  7. Multi-channel auto EQ setting
  8. Full function remote control.

Now, Including advanced features are GPS Navigation systems as well. These can also include the ability to play iPod through the DVD/navigation system. Special “Car DVD Player with 7-inch screen, There are many choices and types. Please see features on each device to compare with one another.

In the same place, I also see the prices and features of the device for car audio and video. Of course this being a reference if the money we have is not enough to buy a “7″ Touch Screen In-Dash Car DVD Player w / Built-in GPS ” :D. Moreover, I am among those who bore easily when traveling by car in not listening to music with voice tunable from a powerful speaker. So, for my brother, the question is there is not his funds?. Don’t just ask me, come in and purchase 😆 

Car DVD Player Built-in GPS,

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