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Bought Your First Computer? Here are Four Useful Tools You Should Install

Life in the twenty-first century is incomplete without technology. You haven’t seen most of the world if you don’t use a computer. No one is too old to get started with these innovations. Things may seem a bit tricky at the start, but you get the hang of it after a while.People who are just getting started, get confused about what to do next after buying a computer.

Software penting yang harus di instal di PC baru

Software penting yang harus di instal di PC baru.

A computer, whether with Windows or Mac, isn’t much useful without the help of additional software. Though operating systems tend to provide everything of need, these software offer a service that only they can offer in the best manner. Here I’ve sharedfour tools that you should install right after buying a new computer and how they are useful.


Google Chrome

New Google Chrome

New Google Chrome.

We all know Google. It also has an internet browser, Google Chrome, that allows us to use the internet. It is the most widely used tool to connect to the internet, and it works best with the Google search engine.You may not feel much of a difference between this and other internet browsersat the start.With time,however,you will realize that Google Chrome has the best user interface and it can offer features and speed that you won’t find in any of its competitors.


Microsoft Office

2019 Microsoft Office Word

2019 Microsoft Office Word.

MS Office is one of the most widely used software in the world. It is the product of Microsoft thatowns Windows, which is one of the biggest IT companies in the world. MS Office isn’t just one tool but a software suite for all types of document-related tasks. It is used by every professional as well as student all around the world.This suite includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation designer, and an email manager.It won’t be wrong to say that a professional setup is incomplete without this package. You will need to use this software every now and then if you are not a professional or a student. Be sure to have MS office installed before any other tool.


Soda PDF

Mengubah PDF ke Word dengan Soda PDF

Mengubah PDF ke Word dengan Soda PDF.

Soda PDF isn’t as popular as other software in this list, but its users aregrowing at a rapid pace.It is the most useful tool that isn’t owned by a monopoly. It has an online application, and you can also install it on your computer for offline use. PDF is the most popular format for official documents. Soda PDF allows you to create, edit, protect, and share these documents. It also has many other useful features including what Indonesians would call mengubah PDF ke Word; which means that it can convert PDF documents to many other formats, including Word.


VLC Media Player

New VLC Media Player

New VLC Media Player.

VLC is without a doubt the best video player in the world. It supports almost every video format and can smoothly play file of any size. If you are not a big fan of movies, you might need to watch other family videos or documentaries – the best way to do it, VLC Media Player. Best of all, this tool is offered free of cost, and its developers keep offering updates to ensure the best user experience.

Bought Your First Computer? Here are Four Useful Tools You Should Install,

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